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Asian Art in London is delighted to present a selection of informal Chats With Specialists, offering our audience personal insights into the lives and work of our participants.

The Oriental Ceramic Society

We sat down for a chat with The Oriental Ceramic Society’s curator, Sarah Wong. She tells us the details of their forthcoming exhibition, the OCS’ Centenary and the history of the society.

Chiswick Auctions

This week we had an engaging and informative chat with Chiswick Auction’s head of Indian & Islamic art, Beatrice Campi! We take a look at some of her favourite Indian miniatures ahead of part two of their Dexter Collection sale this July.

Behnaz Atighi Moghaddam

Last week we visited Behnaz Atighi Moghaddam, ahead of Christies’ October Islamic & Indian arts sale. She showed us a selection of her favourite lots available in the auction, including a truly exceptional painting of Nasir Al-Din Shah at a royal banquet in the Gulestan palace gardens.

Woolley & Wallis (Part 2)

For part 2 of our recent chat with Woolley & Wallis auction house, head of Japanese art, Alexandra Aguilar shows us two of her favourite lots from their forthcoming sale, as well as the importance of the sale in Woolley & Wallis’s history!

Asaph Hyman

This week we catch up with Asaph Hyman & learn about ‘taotie’, or monster masks & their usage in early Chinese bronzes. He shows us a 3000 year old food vessel, as well as discussing Bonham’s forthcoming BLUE Auction.


For part two of our retrospective Chats with Specialists episodes, Behnaz Atighi Moghaddam introduces a selection of dealers and galleries presenting a wide range of Asian works of art.

Simon Pilling

In the first of our Work from Home series, we chat with dealer of East Asian Art & Interiors, Simon Pilling. We discuss Asian Art in London, the Coronavirus and a beautiful Japanese lacquer container.

Henry Howard-Sneyd

This week we speak with founding member of Asian Art in London (& also Asia Week NY!) Henry Howard-Sneyd. He tells us the exciting story behind a somewhat deceptive ceramic dish – the story covers centuries of Asian history and techniques.

Daniel Crouch Rare Books

This week we catch up with Daniel Crouch of Daniel Crouch Rare Books. He shows us the stunning imperial blue celestial map originally exhibited at Asian Art in London 2019, as well as a very rare Gastaldi map of Asia.

Grosvenor Gallery

Director of Grosvenor Gallery, Charles Moore chatted with us this week. Covering topics such as the Bombay Progressive Artists Group, Souza, Raza as well as the gallery’s new podcast series.

Priestley & Ferraro

For the second instalment of our Work from Home series, we chat with Alice Williamson of Priestley & Ferraro. We discuss Working from Home, what’s going on at the gallery & a stunning Chinese tixi lacquer ‘zhadou.’


In the first of our retrospective Chats with Specialists episodes, Behnaz Atighi Moghaddam presents a selection of object based discussions with current and past auction house participants of Asian Art in London.

Hanga Ten

This week we catch up with director of Hanga Ten gallery, Chiko Nara. She talks us through two contemporary works by Kelly & Shinoda from her collection, as well as discussing the Japanese term ‘ma,’ & it’s relation to art.

John Berwald

We catch up with specialist in Chinese ceramics, John Berwald. Exploring the change in market throughout China’s transitional period, as well as the Chinese literati and “Journey to The West,” one of the most popular literary works in east Asia.

Woolley & Wallis (Part 1)

Here we talk with John Axford, one of the top Asian art specialists in the auction world. He shows us two of his his favourite lots from Woolley & Wallis’s forthcoming Chinese art sale; as well as a slightly rude mark on Chinese ceramics!

Jacqueline Simcox

This week we catch up with dealer of Chinese textiles, Jacqueline Simcox. We explore symbolism, springtime in China as well as taking a closer look at her Ming dynasty silk brocade panel.

Leila de vos Van Steenwijk

Leila de Vos Van Steenwijk is Christies’ regional managing director for Asian & World Art, as well as the Chairwoman for Asian Art in London. In this weekend edition of Chats with Specialists, we discuss the digitisation of AAL, scholar’s rocks & the problems that come with having expensive taste!


In the final Chats with Specialists retrospective special, Behnaz Atighi Moghaddam introduced three dealers specialising in Japanese works of Art.

Raquelle Azran

This week we catch up with collector, dealer and overall specialist in Vietnamese art, Raquelle Azran. She takes us on a tour of her home, introduces us to a range of modern & contemporary Vietnamese artists as well as giving us a masterclass in curation.